Pea Ridge Virtual School

Opening August 2020

About Virtual School


We know how important it is for students and parents to have a variety of options for learning beyond the traditional classroom

Pea Ridge Virtual School offers options for students in grades 7 – 12 to be enrolled in the Pea Ridge School District via an online learning model while participating in district extracurricular opportunities, career electives, college credit, and advanced placement.

Full-Time Virtual

Students complete all academic courses from home with support from Mentors & Pea Ridge Teachers.

Hybrid - Face to Face Virtual

Students in grades 10 -12 who are seeking an alternative to traditional direct instruction while attending school daily.

Blended Virtual

Students who would like to combine virtual core academics with face to face electives or advanced studies.

To inquire or ask questions, email: Casey Connior, Director of the Virtual Program –

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Pea Ridge Central Office is located at:
979 Weston Pea Ridge, Arkansas 72751
Office hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:30-4:00
Friday: 7:30-3:30
Phone: 1-800-451-0032
Fax: 1-800-431-6095

Pea Ridge School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin or disability in any of its policies, practices or procedures.