So it feels like the 10,000th day of summer since schools closed down in March due to Covid-19. We are right there in the trenches with you. We realize that you’ve probably searched Pinterest high and low by now, but we think we’ve compiled a pretty creative list of activities to help you entertain the kids for the next six weeks. 

  1. Water balloon baseball – grab the sunscreen and get ready for this fun backyard activity! Have the kids pitch to help set up – filling the water balloons can be a fun activity all on its own!
  2. Human sundial chalk activity – this is an all-day activity to teach children how to tell time on a sunny day!
  3. Learn to sew or knit using yarn – crafts are always a, and it’s a great way to learn lifelong skills while you’re at it!
  4. A brown paper sack puppet show – could make their favorite cartoon caricatures and act out an episode or just use their imagination. We especially love this paper bag lion.
  5. Rock painting – and scatter them along the trail for positivity on someone else’s day 
  6. Paper mache pinata – okay, maybe this is for an end of summer celebration. Be prepared to be a bit sticky and to have a lot of fun. You can make yours into a critter, a theme or just a colorful collage. Fill it with some favorites and have at it! 
  7. “Drive-in” at home movies – with all of the Amazon and delivery boxes, you’ve been receiving, you can put them to good use by allowing your kids to make them into ‘cars’. Grab some popcorn, candy, and a favorite movie from your childhood. 
  8. Origami – there are many video tutorials on YouTube and across the internet. We want to highlight these super adorable book ears because, well, we’re pretty big fans of reading. 
  9. Tie-Dye clothing or beach towel – we might be pulling this from the 70s handbook, but they say it’s making come back! Tie-dye crafts for Kids is a perfect way to bring out the artistic side of your child.
  10. A gratitude journal – let’s be honest, when things are hard or ‘boring’ in the words of a child, it can be difficult to find the silver lining. Have your child write a sentence or two each day about something they are thankful for. You might set the tone by doing this with them and discussing what you’re thankful for after journaling. 
  11. Host a talent show – discover the family’s hidden talents! The kids could spend hours preparing for their time in the spotlight!
  12. Volunteer – you don’t have to go hang out with other people to make a difference. Purchase a few food items specifically for a local pantry, create a few cards to go along with the food items, and brighten someone’s day—Bake homemade goods for local law enforcement or first responders. There are many creative ways to serve our community and share positivity. 
  13. Make a lava lamp5 ingredient lava lamp, we think yes. This project helps children think, analyze, and contemplate as they watch the bubbles bounce and move around! Plus – it’s fun to make and fun to watch!
  14. Audiobooks – Whether your kids have been reading all summer or you’re looking for some quiet activities that can keep them busy while they work + getting ready for back to school is a bonus. Puffin Books YouTube Channel has fun read along with a corresponding activity! The list of needed items is generally short and it’s thought-provoking. There are a lot of online resources with similar content. 
  15. Do an at-home video workout or kids yoga – get active and help the kids fall asleep easier at bedtime! It’s a win-win!
  16. Go swimming – whether in a local (not-so-busy) pool, a creek, or a friend’s house, few things seem to tire a child out as well as an afternoon of swimming. 
  17. Be an animal trainer and teach your pet new tricks – Again, we’ll be referring to YouTube for this. There are a lot of level-appropriate training videos to teach an old dog (or a new one or even cats or goats) new tricks! 
  18. Blanket fort – this is a classic! Blanket forts are easy to build, and they give children endless hours of fun. Everyday household items such as blankets, sheets, chairs, and curtain rods can be used to make your fort.
  19. Camp in your backyard – summer, and camping just go together! Plan a “camping trip” to your backyard! 
  20. Become a chef – let the kids use their culinary skills by coming up with a restaurant and menu with ingredients of their choice! Depending on age, supervision may be necessary, but this is an activity that will keep them busy and more than likely want to do again! Have them draw out the menu, create a table setting and be at your service!

P.S. – Parents, you’ve got this.