Hello Everyone,

I am writing to inform everyone about some important information regarding the upcoming March 9th ACT testing for all Juniors.

1. There is a Parental Consent form that needs to be signed before the student is able to conduct the Pre-Administration portion of the testing process. To clarify, they are not consenting to students taking the test. They are giving consent for their students to send their scores and demographic information to colleges and universities of their choice. If a student is under 18, the parent has to give consent for them to release the information. If they do not give consent, the student will still test but will not enter information for score reports.

2. All Testing is paper and pencil and will be taken on site.

3. Here are some Flyers about our ACT

Breakfast: Link to Special Breakfast Flyer

Cell Phone Policy: There will be zero tolerance for any wireless telecommunication device that is visible or heard during any state testing administration. If any test administrator sees or hears such a device in my possession after the test session begins, a series of consequences will be administered. I understand that the consequences may include the test being coded unscorable (no score will be given for the assessment), campus disciplinary action, and the device being confiscated by campus administration. Any telecommunication device confiscated will be screened for test content.

Day of the test:

1. Students will need to get plenty of rest the night before.
2. Breakfast will be available through our cafeteria so make sure if you would like to ensure the student has time to eat please arrive early.
3. Doors to HS will open at 7:15 the morning of testing.
4. Students will then need to find their names on the room roster and report to their designated testing location before 8:00 AM. (Will be posted In front of Building).
5. Students may bring their own calculator; however, If needed one can be supplied upon request.
6. Students that arrive late will not be admitted to the testing session.

Please feel free to reach out to us at PRHS if you have any questions about our upcoming ACT March 9th.