Important SNAP (P-EBT) Information!!

Free breakfast and lunch to all children (ages 0-18)! Thanks to a grant from the USDA, we will be providing free meals! The child does not need to be a Pea Ridge Student to receive the free meals
For children enrolled in virtual school or not attending Pea Ridge schools that would like the free meals, please complete the link below by Sunday each week. This allows us to plan accordingly.
Questions should be emailed to Julie Ferguson at

*The free meal service does expire December 31, 2020, so it is still vital for families to fill out the free and reduced lunch forms.  School funding and services offered are directly tied to F & R numbers.  October 1st is the deadline for filling out applications.   Any money that was applied to students account after August 31st will go to pay for any previously owed meals or ala carte. All other money will go to meals after December 31, 2020. 


Pea Ridge School District Announces its policy for providing free and reduced price meals for children served under the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. Each School has a copy of the policy, or can be viewed by clicking on the links to the right by any interested party. Print off application to complete and mail original to the Food Service Department at 979 Weston Street, Pea Ridge Arkansas 72751 to the attention of Julie Ferguson.

Meal Prices

Paid Student Breakfast: $1.70

Paid Student Lunch (PreK – 6th): $2.30

Paid Student Lunch (7th – 12th): $2.55


Please click the links above to find the household size and income criteria that will be used to determine eligibility for free and reduced-price benefits for 2020-2021.

Children from households whose income is at or below the levels shown are eligible for free or reduced meals. Only one application should be submitted for each household. Applications cannot be approved unless all information is completed. Instructions are in the link.

Applications may be subject to verification at any time during the school year by school officials. If you have any questions, please call Julie Ferguson at 800-451-4865 ext. 4. If at any time you do not agree with the determining official and want to make a formal appeal, you can contact Keith Martin at 800-451-0032.

Students eating lunch in cafeteria



Primary School Cafeteria –  Linda Nelsen
Phone: 1-800-451-4865, Ext 1
Intermediate School Cafeteria – Robyn Scott
Phone – 1-800-451-4865 Ext 2
Middle School Cafeteria – Mindy Swanepoel
Phone: 1-800-451-4865 Ext 3
Jr. High School Cafeteria – Amanda Norwood
Phone: 1-800-451-4865 Ext. 4
High School Cafeteria – Tisha Jordan
Phone: 1-800-451-4865
CN Director – Julie Ferguson
Phone: 1-800-451-4865
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Pea Ridge Central Office is located at:
979 Weston Pea Ridge, Arkansas 72751
Office hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:30-4:00
Friday: 7:30-3:30

Local: 1-479-451-8181
TF: 1-800-451-0032
Fax: 1-479-431-6095

Pea Ridge School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin or disability in any of its policies, practices or procedures.