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Primary School

Andrea Ricketts

Name: Andrea Ricketts Title: PE Email: aricketts@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Clark

Name: Elizabeth Clark Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: eclark@pearidgek12.com

Jamie Rogers

Name: Jamie Rogers Title: Math/Brilliant Blackhawks Email: jrogers@pearidgek12.com

Sara Claytor

Name: Sara Claytor Title: Writing/Brilliant Blackhawks Email: sclaytor@pearidgek12.com

Parmelia Scholtes

Name: Parmelia Scholtes Title: STEM Email: pmscholtes@pearidgek12.com

Christine Cline

Name: Christine Cline Title: Behavior TOSA Email: ccline@pearidgek12.com

Tamara Schroeder

Name: Tamara Schroeder Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: tschroeder@pearidgek12.com

Amanda Coco

Name: Amanda Coco Title: Speech Email: acoco@pearidgek12.com

Rica Shackelford

Name: Rica Shackelford Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: rshackelford@pearidgek12.com

Lauren Coles

Name: Lauren Coles Title: Counselor Email: lcoles@pearidgek12.com

Lona Taylor

Name: Lona Taylor Title: Music Email: ltaylor@pearidgek12.com

Abby Crook

Name: Abby Crook Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: acrook@pearidgek12.com

Brian Timmons

Name: Brian Timmons Title: Paraprofessional Email: btimmons@pearidgek12.com

Brenda David

Name: Brenda David Title: Paraprofessional Email: bdavid@pearidgek12.com

Sierra Warner

Name: Sierra Warner Title: Phonics/Brighthawks Email: swarner@pearidgek12.com

Miciah Driggs

Name: Miciah Driggs Title: Paraprofessional Email: mdriggs@pearidgek12.com

Chealsey Sappe

Name: Chealsey Sappe Title: Special Education Email: csappe@pearidgek12.com

Allison Wilkins

Name: Allison Wilkins Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: awilkins@pearidgek12.com

Gloria Fingard

Name: Gloria Fingard Title: Special Education Teacher Email: gfingard@pearidgek12.com

Michelle Kimble

Name: Michelle Kimble Title: Writing/Pod 2.0 Email: mkimble@pearidgek12.com

Melissa Woods

Name: Melissa Woods Title: Phonics/Transforming Trio Email: mwoods@pearidgek12.com

Mindy Hanna

Name: Mindy Hanna Title: Reading/Brighthawks Email: mhanna@pearidgek12.com

Sarah Lamer

Name: Sarah Lamer Title: Math/Brighthawks Email: slamer@pearidgek12.com

Courtney Woodward

Name: Courtney Woodward Title: Writing/Brighthawks Email: cwoodward@pearidgek12.com

Dawnitta Henson

Name: Dawnitta Henson Title: Math/Pod 2.0 Email: dhenson@pearidgek12.com

Donna Lillard

Name: Donna Lillard Title: Math/Transforming Trio Email: dlillard@pearidgek12.com

Bryanna Jaramillo

Name: Bryanna Jaramillo Title: Art Email: bjaramillo@pearidgek12.com

Valerie Hooten

Name: Valerie Hooten Title: Reading/Brilliant Blackhawks Email: vhooten@pearidgek12.com

Glorie Oxford

Name: Glorie Oxford Title: Paraprofessional Email: goxford@pearidgek12.com

Shay Baldwin

Name: Shay Baldwin Title: PE Email: sbaldwin@pearidgek12.com

Heather Phillips

Name: Heather Phillips Title: Readind/Transforming Trio Email: hphillips@pearidgek12.com

Danelle Bounds

Name: Danelle Bounds Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: dbounds@pearidgek12.com

Courtney Powell

Name: Courtney Powell Title: Speech Email: cpowell@pearidgek12.com

Amber Bowen

Name: Amber Bowen Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: abowen@pearidgek12.com

Morganne Rhine

Name: Morganne Rhine Title: Phonics/Brilliant Blackhawks Email: mrhine@pearidgek12.com

Alisha Caperton

Name: Alisha Caperton Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: acaperton@pearidge.com

Rebecca Allen

Name: Rebecca Allen Title: Media Specialist Email: rallen@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Ash

Name: Elizabeth Ash Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: bash@pearidgek12.com

Intermediate School

Jaylene Strode

Name: Jaylene Strode Title: 3rd Writing Email: jstrode@pearidgek12.com

Scott Sisson

Name: Scott Sisson Title: 5th Writing Email: ssisson@pearidgek12.com

Jordan Taylor

Name: Jordan Taylor Title: 4th Writing Email: jtaylor@pearidgek12.com

April Smith

Name: April Smith Title: Music Email: asmith@pearidgek12.com

Nichole Taylor

Name: Nichole Taylor Title: Email: ntaylor@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Lee

Name: Elizabeth Lee Title: 4th Reading Email: elee@pearidgek12.com

Brandy Knight

Name: Brandy Knight Title: 3rd STEM Email: bknight@pearidgek12.com

Heather Payne

Name: Heather Payne Title: 3rd Reading Email: hpayne@pearidgek12.com

Katelin Holland

Name: Katelin Holland Title: 3rd Writing Email: kholland@pearidgek12.com

Jaquana Schwarz

Name: Jaquana Schwarz Title: 4th Math Email: jschwarz@pearidgek12.com

John McGee

Name: John McGee Title: Art Email: jmcgee@pearidgek12.com

Serena Allgood

Name: Serena Allgood Title: 5th Math Email: sallgood@pearidgek12.com

Melissa Kucyk

Name: Melissa Kucyk Title: Speech Pathologist Email: mkucyk@pearidgek12.com

Laura Baker

Name: Laura Baker Title: 4th STEM Email: lbaker@pearidgek12.com

Andrea Ricketts

Name: Andrea Ricketts Title: Physical Education Email: aricketts@pearidgek12.com

Melinda Bowlin

Name: Melinda Bowlin Title: Principal Email: mbowlin@pearidgek12.com

Lindsay Pardun

Name: Lindsay Pardun Title: 5th Writing Email: lpardun@pearidgek12.com

Donna Boyd

Name: Donna Boyd Title: 5th STEM Email: dboyd@pearidgek12.com

Suzanna Schelli

Name: Suzanna Schelli Title: Special Education Email: sschelli@pearidgek12.com

Shelly Bradshaw

Name: Shelly Bradshaw Title: Resource Email: sbradshaw@pearidgek12.com

Shannon Brown

Name: Shannon Brown Title: Media Specialist Email: sbrown@pearidgek12.com

Christine Cline

Name: Christine Cline Title: TOSA Email: ccline@pearidgek12.com

Taylor Correia

Name: Taylor Correia Title: 5th Math Email: tcorreia@pearidgek12.com

Heather Couch

Name: Heather Couch Title: Resource Email: hcouch@pearidgek12.com

Jamie Eastmade

Name: Jamie Eastmade Title: 4th Reading Email: jeastmade@pearidgek12.com

Bobby Dotson

Name: Bobby Dotson Title: 5th Reading Email: bdotson@pearidgek12.com

Ashley Cronin

Name: Ashley Cronin Title: 4th Writing Email: acronin@pearidgek12.com

Dena Hamilton

Name: Dena Hamilton Title: 3rd Math Email: dhamilton@pearidgek12.com

Jessica Hartman

Name: Jessica Hartman Title: 5th Reading Email: jhartman@pearidgek12.com

Lori Johnson

Name: Lori Johnson Title: 3rd Math Email: ljohnson@pearidgek12.com

Sarah Engel

Name: Sarah Engel Title: Counselor Email: sengel@pearidgek12.com

Middle School

MS – Remote Learning 9/9/2020

In the Pea Ridge School District Ready for Learning Plan, the district included an option to move to remote learning if necessary. At this time, Pea Ridge Middle School will pivot to remote learning for Wednesday, September 9, 2020, due to a positive case of COVID-19...

Jessie Hester

Name: Jessie Hester Title: Assistant Principal Email: jhester@pearidgek12.com

Joyce Sharp

Name: Joyce Sharp Title: 7th/8th Science Email: jsharp@pearidgek12.com

Bobby Thompson

Name: Bobby Thompson Title: Innovation Station (STEM) Email: bthompson@pearidgek12.com

Sara Eubanks

Name: Sara Eubanks Title: 7th/8th Choir and Cadet Guard Email: seubanks@pearidgek12.com

Tina Robinson

Name: Tina Robinson Title: Counselor Email: trobinson@pearidgek12.com

Ryan Toland

Name: Ryan Toland Title: Special Education Email: rtoland@pearidgek12.com

Perry Mason

Name: Perry Mason Title: Survey of Agriculture Email: pmason@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Mitchell

Name: Elizabeth Mitchell Title: Special Education Email: emitchell@pearidgek12.com

Kristi Turner

Name: Kristi Turner Title: Business Education Email: kturner@pearidgek12.com

Janice Lantz

Name: Janice Lantz Title: Paraprofessional Email: jlantz@pearidgek12.com

April Smith

Name: April Smith Title: 6th Grade Choir Email: asmith@pearidgek12.com

Celeste Vanaman

Name: Celeste Vanaman Title: 7th/8th Grade Math Email: cvanaman@pearidgek12.com

Saffron Pina

Name: Saffron Pina Title: Spanish I Email: spina@pearidgek12.com

Lona Taylor

Name: Lona Taylor Title: 6th Grade Introduction to Music Email: ltaylor@pearidgek12.com

Heather Wade

Name: Heather Wade Title: PE/Athletics Email: hwade@pearidgek12.com

Beth Stein

Name: Beth Stein Title: 8th Grade Humanities/Pre-AP English Email: bstein@pearidgek12.com

Carri Snyder

Name: Carri Snyder Title: 6th Grade Math Email: csnyder@pearidgek12.com

Noelle Webb

Name: Noelle Webb Title: 8th Grade Art/Ceramics Email: nwebb@pearidgek12.com

Quentin Snoderly

Name: Quentin Snoderly Title: Innovation Station (STEM) Email: qsnoderly@pearidgek12.com

Amber Skinner

Name: Amber Skinner Title: 7th Grade Literacy Email: askinner@pearidgek12.com

Mark Woollard

Name: Mark Woollard Title: 6th/8th Grade Social Studies Email: mwoollard@pearidgek12.com

Leslie Moline

Name: Leslie Moline Title: Principal Email: lmoline@pearidgek12.com

Talina McDonald

Name: Talina McDonald Title: Interventionist Email: tmcdonald@pearidgek12.com

Myra Davis

Name: Myra Davis Title: Special Education Email: mdavis@pearidgek12.com

Charity Fingerhut

Name: Charity Fingerhut Title: 6th Grade English and Reading Email: cfingerhut@pearidgek12.com

Amanda Bennett

Name: Amanda Bennett Title: 7th Grade Science Email: abennett@pearidgek12.com

Taylor Jackson

Name: Taylor Jackson Title: 8th Grade English/Drama Email: tjackson@pearidgek12.com

Micaela Easterling

Name: Micaela Easterling Title: 6th Grade Social Studies Email: mdeasterling@pearidgek12.com

Cody Alexander

Name: Cody Alexander Title: PE/Athletics Email: calexander@pearidgek12.com

Kevin Hume

Name: Kevin Hume Title: Band Director Email: khume@pearidgek12.com

Amanda Childs

Name: Amanda Childs Title: Social Worker/Tools for Learning Email: achilds@pearidgek12.com

Kody Montgomery

Name: Kody Montgomery Title: 6th/8th English Email: kmontgomery@pearidgek12.com

John Crider

Name: John Crider Title: 6th/8th Grade Science Email: jcrider@pearidgek12.com

Ronda Hall

Name: Ronda Hall Title: Business Education Email: rhall@pearidgek12.com

Amanda Cruikshank

Name: Amanda Cruikshank Title: 7th Grade Humanities and Social Studies Email: acruikshank@pearidgek12.com

Debra Klotz

Name: Debra Klotz Title: 6th Grade Reading Email: dklotz@pearidgek12.com

Bryanna Jaramillo

Name: Bryanna Jaramillo Title: 6th Grade Art Email: bjaramillo@pearidgek12.com

Olivia Laine

Name: Olivia Laine Title: Special Education Email: olaine@pearidgek12.com

Matt McCool

Name: Matt McCool Title: 6th-8th Band Email: mmccool@pearidgek12.com

Rebecca Hyink

Name: Rebecca Hyink Title: 8th Grade Math/Algebra I Email: rhyink@pearidgek12.com

Jason Smith

Name: Jason Smith Title: 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Email: jsmith@pearidgek12.com

Wendy Martin

Name: Wendy Martin Title: Media Specialist Email: wmartin@pearidgek12.com

Kelli Graham

Name: Kelli Graham Title: 6th Grade Science/8th Grade Physical Science Email: kgraham@pearidgek12.com

Rudy Sanchez

Name: Rudy Sanchez Title: Health/PE Email: rsanchez@pearidgek12.com

Joshua Johnson

Name: Joshua Johnson Title: 6th/7th Grade Math Email: jjohnson@pearidgek12.com

Patrick Brown

Name: Patrick Brown Title: 6th/7th Grade Art Email: pbrown@pearidgek12.com

High School

Matt Easterling

Name: Matt Easterling Title: History Email: measterling@pearidgek12.com

Trent Loyd

Name: Trent Loyd Title: Speech Email: tloyd@pearidgek12.com

Jacob Reut

Name: Jacob Reut Title: Instructional Aide Email: jreut@pearidgek12.com

Noelle Webb

Name: Noelle Webb Title: Art Email: nwebb@pearidgek12.com

Elisha Escajeda

Name: Elisha Escajeda Title: Health Care Email: eescajeda@pearidgek12.com

Crystal Marquez

Name: Crystal Marquez Title: English Email: cmarquez@pearidgek12.com

Joshua Reynolds

Name: Joshua Reynolds Title: History Email: jreynolds@pearidgek12.com

Dustin Williams

Name: Dustin Williams Title: Math Email: dwilliams@pearidgek12.com

Sara Eubanks

Name: Sara Eubanks Title: Choir Email: seubanks@pearidgek12.com

Perry Mason

Name: Perry Mason Title: Agriculture Email: pmason@pearidgek12.com

Sherry Rickard

Name: Sherry Rickard Title: Family & Consumer Science Email: srickard@pearidgek12.com

Kenna Wood

Name: Kenna Wood Title: Science Email: kwood@pearidgek12.com

Gena Grubbs

Name: Gena Grubbs Title: History Email: ggrubbs@pearidgek12.com

Matt McCool

Name: Matt McCool Title: Band Email: mmccool@pearidgek12.com

Jared Ross

Name: Jared Ross Title: Plastic & Metal Fabrication Email: jross@pearidgek12.com

Jessica Woods

Name: Jessica Woods Title: English Email: jwoods@pearidgek12.com

Nicolas Hall

Name: Nicolas Hall Title: Math Email: nhall@pearidgek12.com

Megan McWilliams

Name: Megan McWilliams Title: Science Email: mmcwilliams@pearidgek12.com

Blake Rudolph

Name: Blake Rudolph Title: Math Email: brudolph@pearidgek12.com

Tiauna Young

Name: Tiauna Young Title: Business Email: tyoung@pearidgek12.com

Misty Harris

Name: Misty Harris Title: Media Specialist Email: mharris@pearidgek12.com

Jacob Meyers

Name: Jacob Meyers Title: History Email: jmeyers@pearidgek12.com

Michael Schwartz

Name: Michael Schwartz Title: English Email: mschwartz@pearidgek12.com

Michael Harrod

Name: Michael Harrod Title: History Email: mharrod@pearidgek12.com

Melissa Meyers

Name: Melissa Meyers Title: Spanish Email: mmeyers@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Scott

Name: Elizabeth Scott Title: English Email: escott@pearidgek12.com

Rachel Hartley

Name: Rachel Hartley Title: Industrial Technology Email: rhartley@pearidgek12.com

Heath Neal

Name: Heath Neal Title: Physical Education Email: hneal@pearidgek12.com

Cathryn Segur

Name: Cathryn Segur Title: Marketing & Logistics Email: csegur@pearidgek12.com

Teresa Bradford

Name: Teresa Bradford Title: Health Care Email: tbradford@pearidgek12.com

Kevin Hume

Name: Kevin Hume Title: Band Email: khume@pearidgek12.com

Stephen Neal

Name: Stephen Neal Title: English Email: sneal@pearidgek12.com

Reed Smith

Name: Reed Smith Title: Science Email: rsmith@pearidgek12.com

Shaye Brouse

Name: Shaye Brouse Title: Instructional Aide Email: sbrouse@pearidgek12.com

Brittany Humes

Name: Brittany Humes Title: English Email: bhumes@pearidgek12.com

Kyle Ogle

Name: Kyle Ogle Title: Math Email: kogle@pearidgek12.com

Elijah Stewart

Name: Elijah Stewart Title: Instructional Aide Email: estewart@pearidgek12.com

Anthony Carreira

Name: Anthony Carreira Title: Computer Science Email: acarreira@pearidgek12.com

Courtney Hurst

Name: Courtney Hurst Title: Scholarship Coordinator Email: churst@pearidgek12.com

Dalton Palarino

Name: Dalton Palarino Title: Financial Literacy Email: dpalarino@pearidgek12.com

Joey Stewart

Name: Joey Stewart Title: Art Email: jstewart@pearidgek12.com

Cathy Caudle

Name: Cathy Caudle Title: Counselor Email: ccaudle@pearidgek12.com

Allison Johnson

Name: Allison Johnson Title: Yearbook Email: aljohnson@pearidgek12.com

Saffron Pina

Name: Saffron Pina Title: Spanish Email: spina@pearidgek12.com

Malinda Stewart

Name: Malinda Stewart Title: Math Email: mstewart@pearidgek12.com

Charles Clark

Name: Charles Clark Title: Principal Email: cclark@pearidgek12.com

John King

Name: John King Title: Health Email: jking@pearidgek12.com

David Poindexter

Name: David Poindexter Title: Science Email: dpoindexter@pearidgek12.com

Dana Tabor

Name: Dana Tabor Title: Curriculum Director Email: dtabor@pearidgek12.com

Nathan Claytor

Name: Nathan Claytor Title: ALE Coordinator Email: nclaytor@pearidgek12.com

Rebecca Knox

Name: Rebecca Knox Title: Math Email: rknox@pearidgek12.com

Asa Poteete

Name: Asa Poteete Title: JAG Email: apoteete@pearidgek12.com

Connie Trotter

Name: Connie Trotter Title: Science Email: ctrotter@pearidgek12.com

Casey Connior

Name: Casey Connior Title: Online Coordinator Email: cconnior@pearidgek12.com

Jamie Koch

Name: Jamie Koch Title: Special Education Email: jkoch@pearidgek12.com

Adrienna Purdy

Name: Adrienna Purdy Title: Special Education Email: apurdy@pearidgek12.com

Amy Tucker

Name: Amy Tucker Title: Instructional Aide Email: atucker@pearidgek12.com

Holly Dayberry

Name: Holly Dayberry Title: Counselor Email: hdayberry@pearidgek12.com

John Laster

Name: John Laster Title: Multimedia Email: mlaster@pearidgek12.com

Kevin Ramey

Name: Kevin Ramey Title: Athletic Director Email: kramey@pearidgek12.com

Lauren Turner

Name: Lauren Turner Title: Instuctional Aide Email: lturner@pearidgek12.com

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Office Hours

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Friday: 7:30-3:30

Local: 1-479-451-8181
TF: 1-800-451-0032
Fax: 1-479-431-6095

Pea Ridge School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin or disability in any of its policies, practices or procedures.

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