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Primary School

Heather Phillips

Name: Heather Phillips Title: Readind/Transforming Trio Email: hphillips@pearidgek12.com

Shay Baldwin

Name: Shay Baldwin Title: PE Email: sbaldwin@pearidgek12.com

Courtney Powell

Name: Courtney Powell Title: Speech Email: cpowell@pearidgek12.com

Danelle Bounds

Name: Danelle Bounds Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: dbounds@pearidgek12.com

Morganne Rhine

Name: Morganne Rhine Title: Phonics/Brilliant Blackhawks Email: mrhine@pearidgek12.com

Amber Bowen

Name: Amber Bowen Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: abowen@pearidgek12.com

Andrea Ricketts

Name: Andrea Ricketts Title: PE Email: aricketts@pearidgek12.com

Alisha Caperton

Name: Alisha Caperton Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: acaperton@pearidge.com

Jamie Rogers

Name: Jamie Rogers Title: Math/Brilliant Blackhawks Email: jrogers@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Clark

Name: Elizabeth Clark Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: eclark@pearidgek12.com

Vickie Kennemer

Name: Vickie Kennemer Title: Reading/Pod 2.0 Email: vkennemer@pearidgek12.com

Sara Claytor

Name: Sara Claytor Title: Writing/Brilliant Blackhawks Email: sclaytor@pearidgek12.com

Parmelia Scholtes

Name: Parmelia Scholtes Title: STEM Email: pmscholtes@pearidgek12.com

Christine Cline

Name: Christine Cline Title: Behavior TOSA Email: ccline@pearidgek12.com

Tamara Schroeder

Name: Tamara Schroeder Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: tschroeder@pearidgek12.com

Amanda Coco

Name: Amanda Coco Title: Speech Email: acoco@pearidgek12.com

Rica Shackelford

Name: Rica Shackelford Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: rshackelford@pearidgek12.com

Lauren Coles

Name: Lauren Coles Title: Counselor Email: lcoles@pearidgek12.com

Lona Taylor

Name: Lona Taylor Title: Music Email: ltaylor@pearidgek12.com

Abby Crook

Name: Abby Crook Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: acrook@pearidgek12.com

Brian Timmons

Name: Brian Timmons Title: Paraprofessional Email: btimmons@pearidgek12.com

Brenda David

Name: Brenda David Title: Paraprofessional Email: bdavid@pearidgek12.com

Chealsey Sappe

Name: Chealsey Sappe Title: Special Education Email: csappe@pearidgek12.com

Sierra Warner

Name: Sierra Warner Title: Phonics/Brighthawks Email: swarner@pearidgek12.com

Miciah Driggs

Name: Miciah Driggs Title: Paraprofessional Email: mdriggs@pearidgek12.com

Michelle Kimble

Name: Michelle Kimble Title: Writing/Pod 2.0 Email: mkimble@pearidgek12.com

Allison Wilkins

Name: Allison Wilkins Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: awilkins@pearidgek12.com

Gloria Fingard

Name: Gloria Fingard Title: Special Education Teacher Email: gfingard@pearidgek12.com

Sarah Lamer

Name: Sarah Lamer Title: Math/Brighthawks Email: slamer@pearidgek12.com

Melissa Woods

Name: Melissa Woods Title: Phonics/Transforming Trio Email: mwoods@pearidgek12.com

Mindy Hanna

Name: Mindy Hanna Title: Reading/Brighthawks Email: mhanna@pearidgek12.com

Donna Lillard

Name: Donna Lillard Title: Math/Transforming Trio Email: dlillard@pearidgek12.com

Courtney Woodward

Name: Courtney Woodward Title: Writing/Brighthawks Email: cwoodward@pearidgek12.com

Dawnitta Henson

Name: Dawnitta Henson Title: Math/Pod 2.0 Email: dhenson@pearidgek12.com

Glorie Oxford

Name: Glorie Oxford Title: Paraprofessional Email: goxford@pearidgek12.com

Bryanna Jaramillo

Name: Bryanna Jaramillo Title: Art Email: bjaramillo@pearidgek12.com

Valerie Hooten

Name: Valerie Hooten Title: Reading/Brilliant Blackhawks Email: vhooten@pearidgek12.com

Rebecca Allen

Name: Rebecca Allen Title: Media Specialist Email: rallen@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Ash

Name: Elizabeth Ash Title: Kindergarten Teacher Email: bash@pearidgek12.com

Intermediate School

Jaylene Strode

Name: Jaylene Strode Title: 3rd Writing Email: jstrode@pearidgek12.com

Scott Sisson

Name: Scott Sisson Title: 5th Writing Email: ssisson@pearidgek12.com

Jordan Taylor

Name: Jordan Taylor Title: 4th Writing Email: jtaylor@pearidgek12.com

April Smith

Name: April Smith Title: Music Email: asmith@pearidgek12.com

Nichole Taylor

Name: Nichole Taylor Title: Email: ntaylor@pearidgek12.com

Bobby Dotson

Name: Bobby Dotson Title: 5th Reading Email: bdotson@pearidgek12.com

Ashley Cronin

Name: Ashley Cronin Title: 4th Writing Email: acronin@pearidgek12.com

Dena Hamilton

Name: Dena Hamilton Title: 3rd Math Email: dhamilton@pearidgek12.com

Jessica Hartman

Name: Jessica Hartman Title: 5th Reading Email: jhartman@pearidgek12.com

Lori Johnson

Name: Lori Johnson Title: 3rd Math Email: ljohnson@pearidgek12.com

Sarah Engel

Name: Sarah Engel Title: Counselor Email: sengel@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Lee

Name: Elizabeth Lee Title: 4th Reading Email: elee@pearidgek12.com

Brandy Knight

Name: Brandy Knight Title: 3rd STEM Email: bknight@pearidgek12.com

Heather Payne

Name: Heather Payne Title: 3rd Reading Email: hpayne@pearidgek12.com

Katelin Holland

Name: Katelin Holland Title: 3rd Writing Email: kholland@pearidgek12.com

Jaquana Schwarz

Name: Jaquana Schwarz Title: 4th Math Email: jschwarz@pearidgek12.com

John McGee

Name: John McGee Title: Art Email: jmcgee@pearidgek12.com

Serena Allgood

Name: Serena Allgood Title: 5th Math Email: sallgood@pearidgek12.com

Melissa Kucyk

Name: Melissa Kucyk Title: Speech Pathologist Email: mkucyk@pearidgek12.com

Laura Baker

Name: Laura Baker Title: 4th STEM Email: lbaker@pearidgek12.com

Andrea Ricketts

Name: Andrea Ricketts Title: Physical Education Email: aricketts@pearidgek12.com

Melinda Bowlin

Name: Melinda Bowlin Title: Principal Email: mbowlin@pearidgek12.com

Lindsay Pardun

Name: Lindsay Pardun Title: 5th Writing Email: lpardun@pearidgek12.com

Donna Boyd

Name: Donna Boyd Title: 5th STEM Email: dboyd@pearidgek12.com

Suzanna Schelli

Name: Suzanna Schelli Title: Special Education Email: sschelli@pearidgek12.com

Shelly Bradshaw

Name: Shelly Bradshaw Title: Resource Email: sbradshaw@pearidgek12.com

Shannon Brown

Name: Shannon Brown Title: Media Specialist Email: sbrown@pearidgek12.com

Christine Cline

Name: Christine Cline Title: TOSA Email: ccline@pearidgek12.com

Taylor Correia

Name: Taylor Correia Title: 5th Math Email: tcorreia@pearidgek12.com

Heather Couch

Name: Heather Couch Title: Resource Email: hcouch@pearidgek12.com

Jamie Eastmade

Name: Jamie Eastmade Title: 4th Reading Email: jeastmade@pearidgek12.com

Middle School

Jason Smith

Name: Jason Smith Title: 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Email: jsmith@pearidgek12.com

Wendy Martin

Name: Wendy Martin Title: Media Specialist Email: wmartin@pearidgek12.com

Kelli Graham

Name: Kelli Graham Title: 6th Grade Science/8th Grade Physical Science Email: kgraham@pearidgek12.com

Rudy Sanchez

Name: Rudy Sanchez Title: Health/PE Email: rsanchez@pearidgek12.com

Joshua Johnson

Name: Joshua Johnson Title: 6th/7th Grade Math Email: jjohnson@pearidgek12.com

Patrick Brown

Name: Patrick Brown Title: 6th/7th Grade Art Email: pbrown@pearidgek12.com

Jessie Hester

Name: Jessie Hester Title: Assistant Principal Email: jhester@pearidgek12.com

Joyce Sharp

Name: Joyce Sharp Title: 7th/8th Science Email: jsharp@pearidgek12.com

Bobby Thompson

Name: Bobby Thompson Title: Innovation Station (STEM) Email: bthompson@pearidgek12.com

Sara Eubanks

Name: Sara Eubanks Title: 7th/8th Choir and Cadet Guard Email: seubanks@pearidgek12.com

Tina Robinson

Name: Tina Robinson Title: Counselor Email: trobinson@pearidgek12.com

Ryan Toland

Name: Ryan Toland Title: Special Education Email: rtoland@pearidgek12.com

Perry Mason

Name: Perry Mason Title: Survey of Agriculture Email: pmason@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Mitchell

Name: Elizabeth Mitchell Title: Special Education Email: emitchell@pearidgek12.com

Kristi Turner

Name: Kristi Turner Title: Business Education Email: kturner@pearidgek12.com

Janice Lantz

Name: Janice Lantz Title: Paraprofessional Email: jlantz@pearidgek12.com

April Smith

Name: April Smith Title: 6th Grade Choir Email: asmith@pearidgek12.com

Celeste Vanaman

Name: Celeste Vanaman Title: 7th/8th Grade Math Email: cvanaman@pearidgek12.com

Saffron Pina

Name: Saffron Pina Title: Spanish I Email: spina@pearidgek12.com

Lona Taylor

Name: Lona Taylor Title: 6th Grade Introduction to Music Email: ltaylor@pearidgek12.com

Heather Wade

Name: Heather Wade Title: PE/Athletics Email: hwade@pearidgek12.com

Beth Stein

Name: Beth Stein Title: 8th Grade Humanities/Pre-AP English Email: bstein@pearidgek12.com

Carri Snyder

Name: Carri Snyder Title: 6th Grade Math Email: csnyder@pearidgek12.com

Noelle Webb

Name: Noelle Webb Title: 8th Grade Art/Ceramics Email: nwebb@pearidgek12.com

Quentin Snoderly

Name: Quentin Snoderly Title: Innovation Station (STEM) Email: qsnoderly@pearidgek12.com

Amber Skinner

Name: Amber Skinner Title: 7th Grade Literacy Email: askinner@pearidgek12.com

Mark Woollard

Name: Mark Woollard Title: 6th/8th Grade Social Studies Email: mwoollard@pearidgek12.com

Leslie Moline

Name: Leslie Moline Title: Principal Email: lmoline@pearidgek12.com

Talina McDonald

Name: Talina McDonald Title: Interventionist Email: tmcdonald@pearidgek12.com

Myra Davis

Name: Myra Davis Title: Special Education Email: mdavis@pearidgek12.com

Charity Fingerhut

Name: Charity Fingerhut Title: 6th Grade English and Reading Email: cfingerhut@pearidgek12.com

Amanda Bennett

Name: Amanda Bennett Title: 7th Grade Science Email: abennett@pearidgek12.com

Taylor Jackson

Name: Taylor Jackson Title: 8th Grade English/Drama Email: tjackson@pearidgek12.com

Micaela Easterling

Name: Micaela Easterling Title: 6th Grade Social Studies Email: mdeasterling@pearidgek12.com

Cody Alexander

Name: Cody Alexander Title: PE/Athletics Email: calexander@pearidgek12.com

Kevin Hume

Name: Kevin Hume Title: Band Director Email: khume@pearidgek12.com

Amanda Childs

Name: Amanda Childs Title: Social Worker/Tools for Learning Email: achilds@pearidgek12.com

Kody Montgomery

Name: Kody Montgomery Title: 6th/8th English Email: kmontgomery@pearidgek12.com

John Crider

Name: John Crider Title: 6th/8th Grade Science Email: jcrider@pearidgek12.com

Ronda Hall

Name: Ronda Hall Title: Business Education Email: rhall@pearidgek12.com

Amanda Cruikshank

Name: Amanda Cruikshank Title: 7th Grade Humanities and Social Studies Email: acruikshank@pearidgek12.com

Debra Klotz

Name: Debra Klotz Title: 6th Grade Reading Email: dklotz@pearidgek12.com

Bryanna Jaramillo

Name: Bryanna Jaramillo Title: 6th Grade Art Email: bjaramillo@pearidgek12.com

Olivia Laine

Name: Olivia Laine Title: Special Education Email: olaine@pearidgek12.com

Matt McCool

Name: Matt McCool Title: 6th-8th Band Email: mmccool@pearidgek12.com

Rebecca Hyink

Name: Rebecca Hyink Title: 8th Grade Math/Algebra I Email: rhyink@pearidgek12.com

High School

Nathan Claytor

Name: Nathan Claytor Title: ALE Coordinator Email: nclaytor@pearidgek12.com

Rebecca Knox

Name: Rebecca Knox Title: Math Email: rknox@pearidgek12.com

Asa Poteete

Name: Asa Poteete Title: JAG Email: apoteete@pearidgek12.com

Dana Tabor

Name: Dana Tabor Title: Curriculum Director Email: dtabor@pearidgek12.com

Casey Connior

Name: Casey Connior Title: Online Coordinator Email: cconnior@pearidgek12.com

Jamie Koch

Name: Jamie Koch Title: Special Education Email: jkoch@pearidgek12.com

Adrienna Purdy

Name: Adrienna Purdy Title: Special Education Email: apurdy@pearidgek12.com

Connie Trotter

Name: Connie Trotter Title: Science Email: ctrotter@pearidgek12.com

Holly Dayberry

Name: Holly Dayberry Title: Counselor Email: hdayberry@pearidgek12.com

John Laster

Name: John Laster Title: Multimedia Email: mlaster@pearidgek12.com

Kevin Ramey

Name: Kevin Ramey Title: Athletic Director Email: kramey@pearidgek12.com

Amy Tucker

Name: Amy Tucker Title: Instructional Aide Email: atucker@pearidgek12.com

Matt Easterling

Name: Matt Easterling Title: History Email: measterling@pearidgek12.com

Trent Loyd

Name: Trent Loyd Title: Speech Email: tloyd@pearidgek12.com

James Rappe

Name: James Rappe Title: Asst. Principal Email: jrappe@pearidgek12.com

Lauren Turner

Name: Lauren Turner Title: Instuctional Aide Email: lturner@pearidgek12.com

Elisha Escajeda

Name: Elisha Escajeda Title: Health Care Email: eescajeda@pearidgek12.com

Crystal Marquez

Name: Crystal Marquez Title: English Email: cmarquez@pearidgek12.com

Jacob Reut

Name: Jacob Reut Title: Instructional Aide Email: jreut@pearidgek12.com

Noelle Webb

Name: Noelle Webb Title: Art Email: nwebb@pearidgek12.com

Sara Eubanks

Name: Sara Eubanks Title: Choir Email: seubanks@pearidgek12.com

Perry Mason

Name: Perry Mason Title: Agriculture Email: pmason@pearidgek12.com

Joshua Reynolds

Name: Joshua Reynolds Title: History Email: jreynolds@pearidgek12.com

Dustin Williams

Name: Dustin Williams Title: Math Email: dwilliams@pearidgek12.com

Gena Grubbs

Name: Gena Grubbs Title: History Email: ggrubbs@pearidgek12.com

Matt McCool

Name: Matt McCool Title: Band Email: mmccool@pearidgek12.com

Sherry Rickard

Name: Sherry Rickard Title: Family & Consumer Science Email: srickard@pearidgek12.com

Kenna Wood

Name: Kenna Wood Title: Science Email: kwood@pearidgek12.com

Nicolas Hall

Name: Nicolas Hall Title: Math Email: nhall@pearidgek12.com

Megan McWilliams

Name: Megan McWilliams Title: Science Email: mmcwilliams@pearidgek12.com

Jared Ross

Name: Jared Ross Title: Plastic & Metal Fabrication Email: jross@pearidgek12.com

Jessica Woods

Name: Jessica Woods Title: English Email: jwoods@pearidgek12.com

Misty Harris

Name: Misty Harris Title: Media Specialist Email: mharris@pearidgek12.com

Jacob Meyers

Name: Jacob Meyers Title: History Email: jmeyers@pearidgek12.com

Blake Rudolph

Name: Blake Rudolph Title: Math Email: brudolph@pearidgek12.com

Tiauna Young

Name: Tiauna Young Title: Business Email: tyoung@pearidgek12.com

Michael Harrod

Name: Michael Harrod Title: History Email: mharrod@pearidgek12.com

Melissa Meyers

Name: Melissa Meyers Title: Spanish Email: mmeyers@pearidgek12.com

Michael Schwartz

Name: Michael Schwartz Title: English Email: mschwartz@pearidgek12.com

Rachel Hartley

Name: Rachel Hartley Title: Industrial Technology Email: rhartley@pearidgek12.com

Heath Neal

Name: Heath Neal Title: Physical Education Email: hneal@pearidgek12.com

Elizabeth Scott

Name: Elizabeth Scott Title: English Email: escott@pearidgek12.com

Teresa Bradford

Name: Teresa Bradford Title: Health Care Email: tbradford@pearidgek12.com

Kevin Hume

Name: Kevin Hume Title: Band Email: khume@pearidgek12.com

Stephen Neal

Name: Stephen Neal Title: English Email: sneal@pearidgek12.com

Cathryn Segur

Name: Cathryn Segur Title: Marketing & Logistics Email: csegur@pearidgek12.com

Shaye Brouse

Name: Shaye Brouse Title: Instructional Aide Email: sbrouse@pearidgek12.com

Brittany Humes

Name: Brittany Humes Title: English Email: bhumes@pearidgek12.com

Kyle Ogle

Name: Kyle Ogle Title: Math Email: kogle@pearidgek12.com

Reed Smith

Name: Reed Smith Title: Science Email: rsmith@pearidgek12.com

Anthony Carreira

Name: Anthony Carreira Title: Computer Science Email: acarreira@pearidgek12.com

Courtney Hurst

Name: Courtney Hurst Title: Scholarship Coordinator Email: churst@pearidgek12.com

Dalton Palarino

Name: Dalton Palarino Title: Financial Literacy Email: dpalarino@pearidgek12.com

Elijah Stewart

Name: Elijah Stewart Title: Instructional Aide Email: estewart@pearidgek12.com

Cathy Caudle

Name: Cathy Caudle Title: Counselor Email: ccaudle@pearidgek12.com

Allison Johnson

Name: Allison Johnson Title: Yearbook Email: aljohnson@pearidgek12.com

Saffron Pina

Name: Saffron Pina Title: Spanish Email: spina@pearidgek12.com

Joey Stewart

Name: Joey Stewart Title: Art Email: jstewart@pearidgek12.com

Charles Clark

Name: Charles Clark Title: Principal Email: cclark@pearidgek12.com

John King

Name: John King Title: Health Email: jking@pearidgek12.com

David Poindexter

Name: David Poindexter Title: Science Email: dpoindexter@pearidgek12.com

Malinda Stewart

Name: Malinda Stewart Title: Math Email: mstewart@pearidgek12.com

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Pea Ridge Central Office is located at:
979 Weston Pea Ridge, Arkansas 72751
Office hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:30-4:00
Friday: 7:30-3:30
Phone: 1-800-451-0032
Fax: 1-800-431-6095

Pea Ridge School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin or disability in any of its policies, practices or procedures.