30 Fun Family Activities

During the coming weeks, we have a great opportunity to spend time connecting with family! At the Pea Ridge School District, we understand that this can mean so many changes for every family but want to encourage ‘making the most of it’ where we can. We’ve compiled a list of 30 ideas you can do to create memories!

  1. Puzzles.
  2. Have a game night! Twister to 20 questions, there are a ton of options!

3. Go hiking.
4. Make believe games with your kids. Imitating your child’s behaviors and playing along can help to boost confidence and create a connection.  
5. Help cook dinner.  Incorporate your kids into cooking! You may find that it helps them try new things. 
6. Active learning. Create games for learning out of remote control cars or other already acclimated toys. Who says all learning or coursework needs to be done while sitting at a desk? 
7. Nerf gun fight/ practice. 
8. Games outdoors – baseball, freeze tag, 
9. Practice at home.  Whether you’re doing public speaking or t-ball – carve out specific time to practice your skill! Your kids can return to school and practice better than ever. 
10. Movie night then chat about the movie.
11. Build a fort. Whether in the house, out of blankets or in the yard with limbs and brush – imagination can run wild! 
12. Take a walk. Play I spy as you go! 
13. Plan a picnic.
14. Karaoke night.
15. Read a book.  Together or 1:1, we don’t feel the need to dive into the benefits of reading a book. 
16. Camp in the backyard or inside!

17. Host a talent show.
18. Dance party/ make music.
19. Plan and Prep a garden.
20. Create a family tree. Look through old photos and discuss backgrounds, family members and memories.
21. Explore a trail. Being outdoors has a number of health benefits and has a direct correlation with lowering stress levels!
22. Set family goals.
23. Search for bugs or birds. When the sun is out or even on muddy days, you can grab a net or binoculars and explore!
24. Write letters to the military or local nurses.
25. Clean through toys and clothes to donate. What better time than now to get organized or purge a few items.
26. Make a campfire and roast marshmallows and hotdogs!

27. Yoga or stretching This might be a change of pace but can help to cognitive function, breathing control and more. If nothing else, it’s important for everyone to take a deep, intentional breath.
28. Create a family vision or mission statement. This might be collaborative or created by the parents then discussed. Either way, it can help to provide direction and clarity.
29. Wash the cars or family dog! You might be surprised at how engaged your kids will be with cleaning if it’s fun and involved water!
30. Painting or crafts! If it’s warm, take them outside.


We hope these ideas help with filling in some of the much-needed quality time you’ll have! As always, our district is here to support in any way possible.